Saturday, August 10, 2019

Issue 9&10 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Issue 9 - Assignment Example The article further argues for an alternative point of view, which is not seeing the concept of effective leadership as gender-oriented instead of competency-oriented (Rao, 2012). HRM experts in companies who have set up opportunities for both men and women to debate serious leadership qualities have assisted them to grow into successful leaders. The representation of women as business leaders in numerous patriarchal cultures is skewed unequally. Issue 9 also includes a response from Ann Pomeroy, who essentially argues that yes, women make better business leaders than men. According to Pomeroy, organizations such as Safeway are making substantial progress in ensuring gender diversity in leading positions (Rao, 2012). Safeway’s diversity approach entails efficient communication, initiatives that concentrate on growing leadership skills, mentoring, and matching work and personal lives. A negative response by Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru is included in Issue 9, which contends that the assumption that women are underrepresented in leadership roles within organizations is wrong statistically. Ibarra and Obodaru used all-round evaluations for data gathered for five years and discovered that women in fact outdid men in many leadership degrees measured, despite them scoring lower than men did on â€Å"envisioning† (Rao, 2012). Issue 10 questions the existence of the glass ceiling in United States businesses (Rao, 2012). While also using report statistics to support this argument, this article compares their deductions. For instance, Issue 10 suggests that statistics are misleading because women still deal with invisible limits to grow into leaders in their respective professions. Reasons women face these invisible constraints include family responsibilities, career disruptions, inadequate socialization at work through old boys’ network, inability to relocate for career reasons, and an organization’s lack of stable

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