Thursday, September 12, 2019

Reasons to Attend to University of the Arts in London Essay

Reasons to Attend to University of the Arts in London - Essay Example This institution (UAL) is not only one of the strongest school for art in UK but also the life in the nation especially in London and it is an ideal complementary to education.   In fact, London is considered as one of the most creative capitals in the entire world. The capital is renowned for its exhibition spaces that are of artistic runs, galleries, museums, landmarks of international standards, as well as rich history (UAL Para 1). The location is near perfect to be considered as a world class learning environment. I think it will help me in the development of my art skills. Furthermore, I feel settled in my choice of course, as well as, the institution since it is evident that the institution has significantly helped its students in achieving their dreams. Moreover, there are wide ranges of opportunities for development through their programs (UAL Para 2). I hope studying this course can improve myself and in my future career. Apparently, this learning institution has the larg est network for creativity in the globe. For an instant, the Alumni Association amounts to approximately 200,000 alumni inclusive of its former staff in about 148 countries. Moreover, they are also partnered and affiliated with agencies all over the world. In turn, it enables the institution and its stakeholders to share its passion for arts (UAL Para 3). I have not yet really known what I am choosing to do in the future but I am absolutely certain that I like design and architecture. However, my choice for settling for design and architecture is driven by several factors. The perception out there is that architecture is viewed as a life style and not a job besides individuals having respect for architects. Architects are perceived to be responsible and ethical since they often endeavor to make informed decision even if it is to their detriment. Besides, the tasks involved in architecture have been constantly evolving with time (Henderson 19).   Interestingly, the career is also c haracterized by longevity since individual have the leverage of practicing the profession for as long as they desire. In addition, a career in this field enables individuals to positively impact on the lives of individuals. This is because it tends to be rewarding when an individual has the leverage of developing a relationship with the client. If I pronounce that I have a particular design that affects me then it will be a white lie. In fact, I do not know of any architectural design that influences me. However, there are two type of architect design I have developed a liking for. They are green building and postmodernism. Green building (or green construction) is referred to the structure and the utilization of processes that are not only resource efficient but also environmentally responsible in the entire lifestyle of a building. It encompasses balancing the construction of a structure and ensuring that the processes are environmentally sustainable (Henderson 23). On the other h and, postmodernism architecture is a type of architecture that began in the mid 20th century but picked up in the 70s and has continued to influence architecture to the present day (Jencks 55).

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