Friday, November 1, 2019

Research movie with Negotiation theme. (movie- Paper

Movie with Negotiation theme. (movie- - Research Paper Example Its not every day, or every decade, that you get to see a film as eye opening in its timeliness The movie, which documents the heady rise and even more spectacular fall of an Internet start-up company, feels as if it had been shot through a crystal ball -- it seems to anatomize the whole debacle of the dotcom universe -- yet its remarkable prescience is more than a matter of happenstance. is a revelation not merely because a couple of smart filmmakers got lucky, hitting the news headline jackpot just as the Nasdaq nosedived, but because the film, which for sheer dramatic wallop outpowers virtually every fiction feature Ive seen this year, embodies the story of our time, the way that the collusion of money and technology has taken over our dreams. Produced by D.A. Pennebaker, and codirected by his collaborator Chris Hegedus and by a new member of the team, codirector Jehane Noujaim, the movie follows the path of two naively ambitious entrepreneurs in their late 20s. The hulky, high fiving, charismatically bullheaded Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and his nerdish, compartmentalized tech head partner, Tom Herman, have been friends since high school. As the film opens, in 1999, they pool their desire to get rich into a kind of new millennium vision quest. They bark and strategize into their cell phones, pumping up their troops with group cheers. They visit the offices of venture capitalists, raising heroic sums of cash, and they stand around a Manhattan pizza parlor, debating the name of their new company like teenage rockers trying to title their garage band. Theyre digital geek Horatio Algers, and they brandish a willed attitude of locker room swagger descended from the fast lucre Wall Street cowboys of the 80s. With much noise and fanfare, Kaleil and Tom declare their intention: They will launch, a bold new website designed to link people up to local municipalities. In essence, this comes down to a

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