Thursday, December 5, 2019

Song Analysis free essay sample

The spell off saccharine song such as Ace Lo Greens Forget You, demonstrates the magical powers of a great song that captivates the senses of many people. Even my seven-year-old daughter gets excited whenever she hears the song Forget You playing over the airways. From the outset, I was also wooed by its spell. The message of the song redefines my experiences of past relationships as it struck a familiar chord with the melodramatic presentation of happy song about the heartaches of a relationship break-up.Consequently, I chose, Forget You to write a song analysis with the goal to determine the compositional form of the song and to Identify how and why specific musical elements contribute to the shape and success of the song. The terms of reference for this song analysis are as follows: text, instrumentation, song form, vocal line, and style of the entire song. According to Wisped, free encyclopedia on the web, Ace Lo Greens real name is Thomas De Carlo Galloway and the song Forget You was co-authored by Ace Lo Green, Christopher Broody Brown, Peter Hernandez, Phillip Lawrence and Earl Levine. But we aint singing, We bringing drama, *amp;^$ you and your mother %$*@ing mama. Were gonna kill all you mother ^($#ers. Now when I came out, I told you it was just about biggie. Then everybody had to open their mouth with a mother ? #@$ing opinion, Well this is how we gonna do this: amp;%#$ Mobb Deep, amp;%#$ Biggie, amp;%#$ Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother amp;%#$ing crew. And if you want to be down with Bad Boy, Then amp;%#$ you too. Chino XL, amp;%#$ you too. All you mother amp;%#$ers, amp;%#$ you too. (take money, take money) All of yall mother amp;%#$ers, amp;%#$ you, die slow motheramp;%#$er. My four four (. 44 magnum) make sure all your kids dont grow. You motheramp;%#$ers cant be us or see us. We mother amp;%#$in Thug Life riders. West Side till we die. Out here in California, ! amp;%#$, We warned ya, Well bomb on you mother amp;%#$ers. We do our job. You think you the mob, %$? #@, we the motheramp;%#$in mob, Aint nothing but killers, And the real amp;%#! @s, all you motheramp;%#$ers feel us. Our $#! % goes triple and four quadruple, You ! amp;%#$s laugh cause our staff got guns under they motheramp;%#$in belts, You know how it is and we drop records they felt, You ! amp;%#$s cant feel it, We the realist, amp;%#$ em. We Bad Boy killers.

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