Friday, February 28, 2020

Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Globalization - Essay Example Thrusting in a jet velocity starting from the industrial revolution till today the advancement of technology can be seen in every aspects of life today (Communication Technology & Globalization, n.d.). Contemporary definition of globalization In the contemporary definition of globalization the social, cultural and environmental factors are included. The bottom line of contemporary globalization can be viewed as the â€Å"intensification of cross-national interactions that promote the establishment of trans-national structures and the global integration of cultural, economic, political, technological and social process on global, supra-national, national, regional and local levels†(Gaston. etal, 2008, p.15). Contemporary globalization in our daily life The term globalization is a complex and relative term. It varies from people to people. According to some people globalization affects their lives economically. Some say that it would point the influences made by the political an d social issues. People differ in their perspective of understanding of globalization as their experiences vary. But in general it can be inferred that globalization can be thought of as a process through which the citizens of the world in rapid pace are getting connected and dependant on each other. The effect of globalization on an individual’s life can be viewed from three different perspectives viz. economic, social, and political. (Stohl, n.d. p.223). Substitution of early means of communication with the modern means and role of technology Advancement of technology has substituted the previous means of communication with modern means of communication like messengers on horseback has been replaced by postal vans and subsequently replaced by electronic mail which has became faster and more convenient than the previous means of communication. Globalization has contributed to the exaggerated rapidity of information exchange across the globe. And this phenomenon has taken int o consideration the homogenization and hybridization of all aspects of social, technological, economic, and political dynamics on a global scale (Understandings of Globalization, n.d.). Technological determinism and social constructivism in modern communication and globalization Behind all kinds of social development technological determinism plays a primordial driving force. Technological determinism holds that technology is the key source in the social development. According to Marshall McLuhan, â€Å"the channels of communication are the primary cause of cultural change.† According to his view technology plays an indispensible part in the development of a path which is unaffected by social, economic and political factors. In contrary with the theory of technological determinism another paradigm of concept which has been developed is the social constructivism. The advocates of social constructivism argue that human action including culture, economics, and politics is not sh aped by technology but rather it is the case that technology is shaped by human action. According to Wiebe Bijker culture is not distorted or decided by technology but it is a fact that culture accelerates the development and advancement of technology (Understandings o

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