Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Process Improvement Application Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Process Improvement Application - Assignment Example a) What is a QI story? A quality improvement story is a seven-step procedure whose main purpose is to improve business processes.  b) Discuss several reasons for using a QI story.  i) It enables the company to clearly define the problems that may be wrong with their products and to open ways for other areas to be exploitedii) The QI story also enables the company to analyze, with a considerable level of confidence, the extent to which their goods and/or services satisfies their customers and the cost effectiveness of their operations.   c) List the basic steps of a QI story. A QI story comprises of the following basic steps:i) Developing theme – the definition of the problem that is to be solvedii) Scheduling – a time plan on how these ten steps will be completediii) Accessing of current conditions -   involves the determination of the current process effectiveness and efficiency based on available factsiv) Performing cost-effective analysis – involves se eking the factors that must be changed to improve the situation.v) Verifying cause – this is designed to prove that the factors identified are indeed the causes of the present conditions.vi) Formulating countermeasures – this step involves formulation of changes that will act on the factors to improve the processvii) Assessing countermeasure effectiveness – this is a test of the countermeasures to with the aim of ensuring that the expected improvements does happen as planned

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