Saturday, June 8, 2019

Brazil Business Process Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Brazil Business Process - Research Paper ExampleThe close relationship is nonpareil of the crucial success elements in doing descent in Brazil. This paper explores business practices in Brazil, negotiation process and how business etiquette is influenced by the Brazilian culture. Business Practices in Brazil Personal relationships pay back how Brazilians do business. For someone to do business successfully in Brazil, he or she must first develop the close relationship with a Brazilian within the industry in which he or she wants to operate. The Brazilian contact will then create a link with other important the great unwashed for the prosperity of the business. Brazilians strongly value family relationships. As such, many Brazilians have the tendency of working for one company. This is beca office Brazilians prefer to engage in business with those whom they know and trust. Therefore, one must be dedicated to allocating long-term resources, like clipping and money, in building stro ng relationships in Brazil in order to create a successful business. Also, in many cities in Brazil, work begins at 830 am and runs up to 500 pm. In between, there is usually an time of day or two for lunch break. Businesses usually open at 900 am to 700 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, businesses open at 900 am and close at 100 pm. However, giant business enterprises may remain open for relatively long hours. In most cases, it is crucial to plan business arrangements two or three weeks prior and authenticate the appointments before and on arrival in Brazil. When scheduling time for the appointments, it is usually advisable to have time allowance between the appointments in case they last longer than expected. Brazilians embrace socializing and passing time with one another. This usually happens during mid-morning tea or chocolate breaks and lunch periods. Coffee is usually served before or as meetings progress. Brazilians are usually concerned about dressing, which demands that a person must dress sprucely and in a conservative manner (Lee 319). In many cases, Brazilian companies tend to have tall organizational structures. Top executives of the companies make most organizational decisions. Top managerial positions tend to be male-dominated. However, women are currently gaining access to executive roles in some companies. Brazilian business is also influenced by yr differences, which is prevalent in both Brazilian societal and business cultures. Economic status and salaries paid to individuals determine the class to which an individual belongs. There are legislations against disagreement and existing class differences in business are faint. Negotiation Process Attitudes and Styles Relationships form a crucial part of negotiation processes in Brazil. Brazilians frequently use distri merelyive as well as contingency bargaining. The buyer is usually perceived to be in a superior position in the negotiation, but both parties (buyer and seller) have th e duty to reach a consensus. The main focus is usually on commitments of business partners and long-term benefits (Jain 420). Competitive negotiation style is a common characteristic of Brazilian negotiations and Brazilians are often insistent negotiators. Proposals should reflect benefits to both parties to a negotiation and none of the negotiating members should manifest intent to win over the other in a negative approach.

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