Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Management and Time Estimates Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Management and Time Estimates - Article Examplecomplex and change with time, it is necessary to employ simulation approach to determine their efficiency because they are difficult to analyze through analytical approaches. The simulation approach explained in the denomination entails Discrete even simulation system using Monte Carlo idea. It involves modeling of systems in a hierarchical manner and employing network diagrams for events. Operations and events are then shown using state transition diagrams. The dodge is then evaluated based on available resources or inventory. This kind of simulations can then be applied in army or navy trading operations to determine the efficiency of their systems. Sadananda and Srinivasan article thus explains how this can be done and concludes by stating that it is a successful approach in the determination of availability options of the soldiers systems. Their findings are very useful because they simply show that the same approach can be used in other places for the same purpose. The findings by Sadananda and Srinivasan should be evaluated carefully by managers in other sectors because they are very important and can change the overall performance of an organization (Sadananda and Srinivasan et al). This method can go to managers to identify weak areas or systems in their firm.Sadananda Upadhya, Srinivasan, N.K. Availability estimation using simulation for military systems, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol. 29 Iss 8, 2012. pp.937 952 This article by Jeff Davidson outlines the six components or pillars of work-life balance. The article explains six key factors that influence the performance of a person in an organization and how best they can be managed to achieve maximum productivity. The six factors are self-management, time, stress, change, technology, and leisure management. Jeff argues that any person in an organization who is able to manage and balance these elements will

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