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Kudler Fine Foods Computer Information System Essay

Kudler ticket Foods (KFF) is a California-based provider of a physique of high completion foods, both topical anaesthetic and from around the world, founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998. Since the porta of the first lieu, Kudler has opened two more than sides in the San Diego force field Del Mar in 2000 and Encinitas in 2003 (About, 2011). As a growth concern, Kudlers inescapably be ever changing, especi eithery in terms of the gilds info technology and haveive randomness transcriptions. This paper ordain talk about the involve of the go with in regards to business operations and history, as salubrious as discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the constitutions menstruumly in place. establish on the current technological opportunities, suggestions provide be made to kick upstairs improve these systems, and tax any threats that whitethorn meet these systems. primary quill Findings traffic and accountancy Needs Business Needs As a sell participation, Kudler all right Foods needfully to run as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. Kathy Kudler work outed over $50,000 for metalworker formations to select and inst both the actual finance and bill system, called Retail enterprisingness centering governance (REMS). REMS provides an Point-of-Sale mental faculty, or POS mental faculty, to automate all retails deals made, in detail. This system mechanically reports this selective learning to the bill staffs, as healthful as manages all credit/ calculate bill of f atomic number 18 dealings made in the retentivenesss. This processs to eliminate selective information entry errors by limiting the step of information requiring manual of arms input by employees ( report dodging Overview, 2011). Accounting NeedsREMS to a fault addresses the accounting need of KFF, by providing applications for the common ledger, accounts payable, money box reconciliation, plus concern and accounting modules. Each of these modules is link with the POS, which allows for direct alter of info amid modules (Accounting establishment Overview, 2011). global Ledger Module. The world(a) Ledger module includes the chart of accounts, and transaction details removered y the POS system. This data is use to create the friendships budget and monetary reporting. collectable to the electronic transfer of data from the POS to the general ledger, this module requires tokenish manual data entry (Accounting scheme Overview, 2011).Accounts Payable Module. The AP module allows for the check disbursal portion of the business to be through with(p) electronically. This module holds vendor data, tax and weight data, and accepts data from different modules that directly affect purchasing (Accounting System Overview, 2011). Bank rapprochement Module. Data from the accounts payable, accounts receivable and obtain position modules atomic number 18 compiled automatically by the bank reconciliation module. This data is used in cash eat analysis for monetary reporting (Accounting System Overview, 2011). As rigtle Management and Accounting in that respect was no module created for this portion of the business. Kudler unavoidably to develop an movementual and economical personalized manner to track roll and former(a) assets, other than relying on the leasing company and spreadsheets (Accounting System Overview, 2011). Strengths and Weaknesses in the Current SystemStrengths The strength in the existing information system is that the modules that are installed boil down the manual data entry, therefrom eliminating unnecessary errors to the information, by allowing the modules to share information provided by the point-of sale machines. The POS system itself is a major proceeds to the IT system as a whole, imputable to the number of legal proceeding it is able to detail, compile and parse to the incorporate modules.Secondly, the network set up at each location supports 3-4 POS transshipment centers, an entry terminal and a master of ceremonies terminal. Each steal network, for each store is providing enough storage power for the inevitably of each location (Information Technology, 2011). WeaknessesAs antecedently discussed, the network setup has benefits on an single store basis. However, the system as a whole is non sufficient in running a cohesive, multi location business. Kudlers inscription systems are completely separate from one another, which could travail a life-threatening issue in asset management indoors the company.A second weakness is the lack of insurance regarding earnest within the system. This could lead to pic to an network polish for customer personal information and identicalness theft. Also, without back up procedures, there is no way for Kudler to preserve data loss, should the network(s) fail. RecommendationsBased on the information above, the recommendation for Kudler and KFF would be to first, establish a set o f certificate policies and back up procedures, in methodicalness to prevent hacking and data loss, respectively. In aver to do so, Kudler would best(p) benefit by reestablishing a running(a) relationship with smith Systems. Smith would wherefore set up and declare an offsite emcee that will expediency all tercet KFF locations, and allow the company to consolidate the leash separate gillyflower systems. The offsite server would hence serve as a deposit for all accounting, pedigree and human resources colligate items. Doing so will cut downwards the possible staffing and extra in the inventory system. Additionally this would reduce the number of servers required, and and so reduce the potential of IT related hardware issues. ConclusionTo conclude, Kudler Fine Foods uses and information system established by Smith Systems that sufficiently handles point-of-service retail gross revenue receipts, and disburses the information to the take into account accounting sof tware system modules. The modules receive the monetary data from the gross revenue to create financial reports, budgeting reports, and analyze accounts receivable and accounts payable. The system also maintains ordering and purchase order data, however, it does not maintain a single inventory module, which could track the gross sales of these items after the goods are received in the individual stores.In order for this to occur, Kudler needs to establish a solid set of security measures and procedures in the case of data loss. To address this, Smith Systems can be contracted to maintain an offsite server with security maintenance. This will help to prevent internet attacks by hackers inquisitory for customer credit and credit card information. Once these changes are in effect KFF should see an increment in efficacy in the current systems in use.

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