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Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork Advantages: * The first and the most important advantages of group work is that it increases the total productivity. You can use the very best of every member of the group and thus have quality output. The best skills of every member of the group are utilized to the maximum, and thus there is no compromise on the productivity when you are working as a group. This advantage would undoubtedly come first in the list of advantages and disadvantages of working in groups. The more members you have in a group, the more resources you have at the end of the day. This means you can meet more ends with these resources. Another way to look at it is that as the number of people go on increasing, the knowledge of the team also increases. All these people bring in their very own experience which adds to that of the group. This means, at the end of the day, the group has more knowledge, more experience and more resources. The assets of the company just increa se in this way. * When you give a particular project to a group for completion, you also give them a deadline.When there are more number of people working in a group, you naturally intend to trust that group more as they have the manpower. If a few of the members are absent or not coming to work, the rest can still finish the project. Groups are bound to land up with more projects as they can develop more number of plans and more options for one particular problem. In the end, you are more in profit if you work in a group. * When you work alone, you are automatically biased towards someone or something. You are human and this is bound to happen from the best of managers.However, when you work in group, you reduce that bias considerably. While working in a group, you need to tell everyone why you are taking a particular decision. Once you tell the entire group about your decision, even they have to agree to it so that you can execute it. This way, you tend to think in a more professi onal way, which works better for you! Disadvantages: * One of the greatest drawbacks of working in a team is that there is no freedom of doing as you wish. How much ever you prove your point and the rationality of applying your decision, it won't be agreed upon if the other members in the group disagree on it.Every action of yours needs approval from everyone else in the group. This becomes a bit time-consuming. Another problem is that working in a group is bound to give rise to ‘groupism', which might add to the negativity in the working atmosphere and hamper the quality of work, not the quantity. * Another important mention in all the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups is the time factor one needs to evaluate all the members of the group. Most organizations look at the overall output and don't look into the details if the work is presented as they wanted it.However, at such times, they don't realize that some employees have hardly put in any effort and some ha ve done maximum work. There are many escape routes while working in a group. Judging the productivity of every employee doesn't only take time but is sometimes, impossible if there are no records. * When you work in a group and achieve more than the productivity required, you are bound to get some rewards. Sometimes, these rewards are equal for all while at times, they aren't. Suppose there is only promotion available, who will get it?It is very difficult to measure the work done by every employee in comparison to others. This means that the possibility of unequal credit cannot be denied. Increments will vary for everyone in the group and this might add to the inequality. If ‘A' has done 10 things and ‘B' has done 100, B will be rewarded more in normal circumstances. Very few will take the efforts and check who has actually given more revenue. * While working in a group, many people develop a competitive attitude or approach towards their work. They are constantly trying to work ‘more' than the others.What they should actually focus on is working ‘better' than the others. This kind of attitude reduces the quality in the overall productivity and thus the objective of working as a team is lost. If you work in a creative field, this attitude will reduce the creativity to a great extent. Losing the focus is easy when all you are worried about is winning the race. Instead of competing with other groups members, people should compete with their own self to give a better output as an individual, and eventually as a team. * These were all the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups, that are not only mportant from the knowledge perspective but also because you need to find solutions to all the disadvantages. The benefits of working in groups undoubtedly weigh more than the disadvantages of group working. You need to focus more on the advantages of group work to gain maximum, quality output, efficiently. Thus, working together in group s and teams is more beneficial for a company or for a project in school even. Continue doing the same! By Neha Joshi Last Updated: 9/27/2011 Buzzle:Â  http://www. buzzle. com/articles/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-working-in-groups. html Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork Question: Advantages and disadvantages of teamwork. Answer: There are many advantages of teamwork. First is about this way can train people about leadership. Everyone knows that county needs a leader to maintain the freedom of our people. Leadership is important to person especially students because in future they have their own experience about this. In fact, this way will help students to get a job in the future. Second is about teamwork can save their time to do task that has given.Take example students, they have many assignment and task to do when studying at university. If they have great teamwork, they can submit their task before dateline. Students also have time to check the task to make sure it is perfect. Least but not last is about can make new friends. As a student at university, we need friends to help and caring each other. In teamwork, they can understand each other even though they in different races, culture and religions. This can make the relationship between team mates better. Next is about disadvantages.First is about trust to each teammate. We know that first thing about teamwork is trust each other. If someone of them is cheating or do something negative, teamwork will become worse and not united. In addition, task will not complete in time and make them fail to success about this task. Teams that have many members also give disadvantage of teamwork. That is because some of them don’t do the great job that have given and not successfully complete it. It is better for small group consist of 5-6 people to make work easier.Besides that, this way will not give people a real experience to do a full task and difficult for them to understand the whole task. Last point is about hard to meet the teammates each other to discuss about task. As a student, they have different timetable and hard to find a free time to discuss. Sometimes they have class; lecture and even some of them didn’t cooperate when we make a meeting. This problem wi ll make them left behind about what they have discussed earlier. It will takes time to meet again and repeat the same thing, so that the task will be late to be finished.

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