Thursday, October 17, 2019

Angelina Weld Grimke Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Angelina Weld Grimke - Essay Example She attended the Harvard Law School with her aunt’s help (Reuben, 2010). Grime received education from a lot of schools that include the Clushing Academy and graduated in 1902. After that, Grimke started to teach English in the Armstrong Manual Training School. Till her retirement, Grinke taught in the Dunbar High School which she joined in 1916. Grimke had excellent writing skills since childhood. In 1916, she wrote Rachel followed by The Closing Door in 1919. Both of these novels were highly appreciated among the readers. With the passage of time, she learnt about racism and expressed her concerns in Rachel. Rachel is largely considered as her â€Å"first attempt to use the stage for race propaganda in order to enlighten the American people relating to the lamentable condition of ten millions of Colored citizens in this free republic." (Harris, 1986, p. 152). As an author of short fiction, poet, essayist, and playwright, Angelina Weld Grimke is perceived as the Harlem Renai ssance’s forerunner in spite of the fact that most of the work she did was published in her early twenties (Villarreal, 2003). References: Gates, H. (2004). Norton Anthology of African-American Literature (2nd ed.) ISBN# 9780393977783. Harris, T. (ed.) (1986). Dictionary of Literary Biography: African-American Writers Before the Harlem Renaissance. Vol. 50.

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