Saturday, October 19, 2019

Is There a Need for Constraining or Even Prohibiting the Sale and Use Essay

Is There a Need for Constraining or Even Prohibiting the Sale and Use of Alcohol - Essay Example Hence, those in favor propose that there should be monitored restrictions or absolute prohibition on alcohol consumption whereas the opponents who are in majority recommend that individuals should be guaranteed liberty to consume as much as they prefer. Alcohol consumption is a major factor that contributes to the increasing crime rate. In many countries its involvement can be up to 60 percent to 70 percent. It is one of the common reasons that lead to chaos in the public for example fights on the streets. It adds up figures to the list of sexual assaults, domestic violence, brutal crimes, murders, child abuse etc. Therefore in short, alcohol consumption is one of the leading factors that build up ground for crimes and violent behavior and a fall in its consumption will definitely lead to controlling these wrong deeds. Contrary to this, the opponents claim that sex and violence are two things toward which humans are inclined by nature and alcohol plays no part in bringing the urge fo r it. Alcohol can aid the process but is not a cause for them. The causes for them are biological. Hence whether it is made illegal, violence will continue. The drug laws in the country should be uniform. Addictive drugs like cannabis are made illegal because they affect the human mind, although they result in nearly no violence and crime. So drugs like alcohol should definitely be forbidden because of their immense crime rate. On the other hand those who oppose this stance claim that even cannabis should be legalized because the mainstream knows how to use these drugs securely and maturely. It is an addictive and destructive drug that when taken in large quantities, it completely shatters human lives. People end up with broken marriages, losing jobs, disturbed families, becoming shelter less only because of extreme alcoholism. Sadly its percentage is very high in our country. However, as opposed to this others believe that drinking has been a part of many cultures since hundreds of years. It is a social phenomenon and banning this act is entirely impractical. It is very much correct that if alcohol is banned the government will face huge losses in the tax revenues. However this is not a serious issue. It is because the government is already spending so much on treatment of addicts, illnesses related with alcohol and also on the police department for addressing alcohol related crimes and issues. If alcohol is banned, these spending will also cut down and the losses in tax revenue will be settled. Opponents however believe that alcohol has multibillion dollar industry globally and being a part of it brings huge revenues for the government through taxation and duties. Banning it would bring a massive set back to the governments earnings. Moreover if it is banned, black markets, traffickers, ill legal drug users will continue to flourish and this way the government would lose all its revenues. No doubt that drinking is very common in our country in all age groups and the government earns huge revenues through the industry, it still is a harmful substance for the humans in numerous aspects. It destroys the brain cells and drinkers have 10 percent smaller hippocampi- the part of the brain that deals with memory and learning, as compared to non drinkers. Severe drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning which can cause respiratory

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