Friday, July 26, 2019

Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 8

Reflection Paper - Essay Example Similar to workers, we, the students, also need to acquire at least minimal self-management skills in our academic activity as it helps a lot to adjust the process of knowledge acquisition for ourselves in a way that would show the most fruitful results. Setting right goals, developing a strategy of their achievement and reasonable and considered time management are inseparable parts of being successful academically, i.e. successful learner. However, successful learners are not those who simply know more that others, they are also students who have more efficient and effective learning strategies that help them access and use acquired knowledge, possess steady motivation and self-monitoring skills (Dembo & Seli). To my thinking, the most successful learners are those who organize and manage their academic activity and time so smoothly that they avoid stress and are never overwhelmed with exhausting homework, they take learning easy and at the same time manage ti achieve favorable res ults. What is also important, academic self-management should enable students to maintain balance between serious learning process and fun campus activity. Gaining control over the factors that might influence learning and academic performance – and there are plenty of them – the student will be able to eliminate unfavorable factors or at least reduce their impact to the very minimum. It is fully understandable that we all are so different and various factors may produce different impact on us and each of two students studying the same major may feel their effect to certain extent. What is extremely stressful for me, might be harmless for someone else. Thus, the primary task is to explore our psyche, inclinations and personal peculiarities in order to learn to regulate, monitor, evaluate and reinforce our life and academic performance in the most efficient way. Willing to

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